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Dharma Mentoring

Over and over again, throughout his teachings, The Buddha recommended keeping the company of the wise.  Bikkhu Bodhi, the monastic responsible for so many of the translations of the ancient texts that we enjoy today, says doing so "means in effect seeking out wise companions to whom one can look for guidance and instruction."


You don't have to white knuckle your way through. If you're struggling with your practice, there's so much help available from so many different resources, be it free dharma talks, podcasts, audio/video, or paid mentoring.  If I'm not the best one to help you, I'll help you find someone who might! I hope I can be of service!

Let's meet for a free discovery session!

Why not pick a time to meet with me for 30 minutes to see if you feel we might be a good fit to work together for your needs.  The Dharma transformed my life and, undoubtedly, saved it.  It's my hope that through helping others deepen their practice, they might find the same benefits I did.

Our Services

The dharma has been offered freely for thousands of years, and in keeping with this essential practice, I am pleased to offer free public dharma talks and meditations in various physical and virtual spaces five days a week. The audio and video recordings of most of those are also accessible here on my site with a free membership.
 If the pricing of my 1:1 personal mentoring time is a hardship for you, please don't hesitate to discuss flexible pricing and payments with me during our discovery call.


"Once or twice in a lifetime you meet someone who has something special about them. Something everyone who meets them recognizes instantly. George Beecher is such a person. I turn to him for advice, not because he’s a Dharma teacher or a Reverend, but because he’s a wise and honorable man whose opinions I value enormously, and who can be counted on to offer his honest advice, and to offer it with unfailing grace and compassion. If you’re a Buddhist, looking for Dharma based advice or training, you couldn’t find a better teacher. If you’re not a Buddhist, but just a human being looking for a compassionate guide to life’s complexities, you’ll find that here too. I did."

Heidi Shaw

"George Beecher arrived on my radar during the pandemic. My sister had met him in VR and described his sessions as 'a meditation session, but not really.' When I finally joined a session, I found that he offered interesting insights, asked challenging questions, and prompted important introspection. 'Right now, it’s like this.' George’s frequent, gentle reminders of Ajahn Sumedho’s advice on accepting reality helped me cope with the pandemic and a contentious divorce, while balancing caregiving responsibilities and work. George’s words percolate in my brain long after a session is over. I appreciate his humility, encouragement, and wisdom. As a teacher myself, I admire his seemingly effortless teaching ability."


"I found George and Two Hands Sangha at a time when every aspect of life felt unsatisfactory. I thought meditation would be an escape. Instead, I have learned how to be happier and more resilient even when the tough stuff is still present and how to fully experience joy when good things happen. I still experience a lot of ups and downs, but I can see how I relate better to the downs each time. George has also introduced me to a wider community of like-minded people from whom I draw invaluable support in difficult times."

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